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Mystery Shopping Franchise Opportunity


Join the fastest growing brand in the sector.

A proven business model, working with leading global brands - quickly transform your territory into 5-figure monthly recurring revenue stream. 


The Opportunity

A specialist mystery shopping franchise opportunity

Open your Franchise, providing Mystery Shopping (also called Test Purchasing) services to big name brands. This is a service retailers already use and spend big money on and we have made it cheaper, easier and more reliable for them. This gives your Age Check Certification Scheme branded buisness an edge over the competition. Your company will recruit a team of young people (usually 18 or 19) all over your territory, to go into stores and purchasing age restricted products, like tobacco or alcohol and report back to say if they were asked for ID or not. You arrange 12, 24 and 36 month contracts with supermarkets and other retail to do this at a fixed fee per visit. This generates you a predictable and scaleable monthly recurring revenue. We have made communication and reporting almost entirely remote and automated, giving you flexibility and low overheads.

An established business and brand

Our mission is to protect children from the harm associated with access to age-restricted products, content and services. Safeguarding young people has significant benefits for not just children themselves, but for the community as a whole – so it’s crucial that companies comply with the age restrictions put in place by the government. We have been operational in this sector for over 10 years with offices in the UK and Australia, so your businesses brand will be recognisable and have a great reputation.

Scale to €100,000 t/o with just two clients

A typical client might have 500-1000 stores in your territory and want to test 4 x annually.

If you have 3 stores in one district that need visiting and testing, then you could send all 3 jobs out as one to the Test Purchasers working for you, using our bespoke IT system (included in your Franchise fees.)

From these few clicks of a button - the system does it's magic and will automatically find the closest Test Purchaser who accepts the job and calculate all costs based on the amounts you tell the system to use.

If the Test Purchaser who accepts these 3 jobs lives 5km from the first job and the journey between all three and back home would be 15km and take 30 minutes. The system adds another 10 minutes per job for going into the store and making the purchase, so the whole thing will take about one hour.

You set all of these costs and our App figures out the distances and times for you! The numbers used in this example are commonly seen.

From these parameters, your outlay for these three jobs would be:

  • 1 Hour @ €10.00 = €10.00

  • 15 Km @ €0.25 = €3.75

  • 3 x purchases @ €5 = €15.00

Total paid to the Test Purchaser = €28.75

  • 25% Payable to Age Check Certification Scheme = €7.19

  • 2% Payable to PayPal = €0.58

Total Cost to get 3 Jobs Done = €36.52, or €12.17 per test.

A typical fee for 1 x test to a client is usually between €20 and €30 – so based on an average of €25: The Gross Profit for your business for each of the tests would be €12.83 (equivalent to 51.32%).

If you take 2 x 1,000 outlet clients and test them every quarter, then you could get a Gross Profit of €102,000.

Existing clients ready to do business with you

We have existing clients in multiple territories ready to do business with a Franchisee now, and we can help you get that first contract signed!

Multiple introductions and pre-booked sales meetings per year from Head Office and other Franchisees

Fill in the contact form by clicking the "Book a Discovery Meeting" or email franchise@accscheme.com to set up a free, no obligation chat about how to get your Age Check Certification Scheme franchise up and running.

Join the fastest growing brand in this sector today!


What's Included?

What is the aim of the markets and why are we doing it?

Curated Makers Markets is something we have wanted to do for a few years, and when the opportunity presented itself to us within John Lewis for Christmas 2021, our gut said it was time! With Christmas fast approaching, it is the perfect opportunity to test how our markets can be executed and how we start to develop them, using the best time of year to launch this trial! A market-style pop-up is another route to market, that we want to take to champion small businesses by obtaining prime retail locations and shifting the spotlight directly onto the makers themselves. The markets allow makers to sell within brilliant locations, whilst bringing that personal brand experience to their customers. The markets also allow us to work with different types of businesses that we don't always get the chance to do so via our Made Local Pop-Ups. We can trial different price points, size of items, product categories, locations and more...it opens many doors for everyone involved.

Do we need to cover our stall the whole week?

Yes. You will need to be available from Monday - Sunday of the full week that is allocated to you, for the duration of the store's full opening hours. If you are unable to do this, unfortunately, we will have to reject your application. If your small business has multiple members of staff, then we suggest you spread the shifts among your team to share the workload. Anyone who is involved with running your stall, will need to be inducted by John Lewis before they are able to work. You will responsible for your own stall for the duration of the week, so make sure to factor in cover for breaks, etc. You may also consider making a joint application with a fellow small business owner, so that you can share the space and also share the hours involved! You'll need to know who this maker is before you apply, and both business will need to complete a application so that we are able to gather as much information about both brands as possible.

Can I share a stall?

If you have another maker that you know is available, then yes! You will have to share the one market which is 1.8m in width, so there is plenty of space to share, that's 0.9m each...just shy of a meter each. We love the idea of makers collaborating together, so if this is something you would like to do, then make sure to fill out the application form and highlight it's a joint application. How the two businesses decided to split the one market stall is completely up to you to decide. Sharing a stall with a fellow maker could also mean that you are able to share the time covering the stall, and even have a travel buddy if you are travelling to a location or needing to book accommodation. Make sure you can both fit your products onto the stall and that you can still style the look of the pop-up stall to look aesthetically pleasing and shoppable. Please note: We DO NOT match-make the small businesses, you must both apply and we will review your application as a joint stall application.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any small businesses with products that are designed and/or handcrafted themselves and based in the UK can apply! You will need evidence of your public and product liability insurance, covering a minimum of £5 million. Ideally you're based near the location of the store for the practical ease of running your own market for the week...however, there isn't a limit to how far away your business is from the retail location, so long as you're UK based. Remember though, you will be responsible for getting yourself to and from the event on a daily basis, and covering the market stall for the FULL duration of the shops opening hours, so please only apply for locations where this is possible for you. In terms of the type of products, we are very open and would love to take on a very diverse range of businesses as long as they are able to be sold upon our market stalls.

How much will it cost?

The price will vary depending which location you choose and the date in which you take part. There is a reduced event fee for the opening week. We have tried to keep the costs of these exclusive retail platforms as reasonable and as accessible as possible. As well as offering the chance to share a stall, which essentially means sharing the cost and commitment! As this is a trial, our prices may well change next year...so be sure to get involved in 2021 to secure our best rates. The event fee will vary per store, and per market location. The fees are all stated on the application form where you can apply, so please do click through to apply and select the weeks you're available for and would like to apply for. The event fee will vary between £150 - £450 per week. A commission of 20% will also be charged on all sales. All prices include VAT. Please only apply for the events if you are able to go ahead should you be offered a space on the market.

How will money from the market be processed and when will I be paid?

A payment system will be provided to you, to use instore, to collect all sales through. You will need to take all payments through the till point provided to you. No other device is authorised, even if you own your own, you must trade via our systems. The pop-ups operate as card only. No cash can be taken. The till system we use is Square and it's so simple to use. There will be instructions provided in your welcome pack, as we require a list of products and prices in advance, to upload into the system, ahead of your first day instore. Monies will be collected via the Square till point, you will then be paid within 14 days of your pop-up coming to an end, minis our 20% (inc VAT) commission fee.

Can I stay for multiple weeks?

This will depend how on many applications we receive and your availability. If we have the space and you are keen to join us for more than one week, please let us know in your application. If it works with our schedule then we will happily offer another chance to join us, however, we are not able to promise you dates. We're actively seeking makers that are available the first week of opening which starts Monday 18th October. If you can sign up for then, we'll do everything we can to ensure you another spot in Nov/Dec when works for you, as a thanks for joining us in our first week in such a short turnaround!

I am a service-based business, am I able to join the market?

Unfortunately not. This market's purpose is to allow customers to buy local, handmade products, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Therefore businesses applying to the market, must have physical products to offer.

As a maker, what can I expect?

Curated Makers always puts makers first. Therefore we want to make the onboarding and set up experience to be as stress-free as possible! We know this is a busy time for everyone and we are asking you to give up a good portion of it, however, we believe it will be worth your while. Once we have accepted your application, we will send you a welcome pack and a guide for the market, so you will know what to expect and how the event works in more detail. We will be providing the stalls, fixtures and stands for the market and the POS systems for the event. This means that once we have all your details, all you need to do is turn up, set your products up and away you go. By joining us on this adventure, you will also be joining the Curated Makers community! Over the years, we have built up such an amazing family of artists, makers and creators who all support and raise each other up. You will not be taking part in this market alone, this is a great opportunity for you to get to know other small businesses and learn from each other! Collaboration, not competition is at our core and all the small businesses that we work with.

Can I offer personalisation in-store?

Absolutely! Actually, we would love for this to happen and so would the customer, especially in the lead up to the festivities. If you paint commissions...why not setup part of your stall to be able to paint from and work onsite?! You can make good use of your time and also demonstrate to customers what it is you do, the theatrical nature of this will naturally instigate conversation and encourage sales and commissions! Can you demonstrate what you do, if personalisation isn't an option for you? This is still providing threate instore and will encourage conversation and sales too. If you knit your products, could you bring your needles and yarn? If you make beaded jewellery, could you bring your transportable equipment along with you? If you don't already offer personalisation, perhaps it is something you could offer and to trial at the market?!

When will my payment be due?

Once we have confirmed your allocated week, we will send you a payment link. This will need to be paid within the following 24 hours in order to secure your spot. Failure to do so, will mean your offer will be offered to another business.

When is the deadline?

We have some very tight deadllines here! Our first 2 events launch on Monday 18th October...so we're seeking makers to fill the first week and second week as a priority. A reduced rate has been offered for this first week period, so don't wait on your application, get it in quickly as we think they'll get snapped up pretty fast! There is no official deadline to apply. We will be filling spots on a first come first serve basis when the makers meet our requirements and the curation works for the location, time of year, etc. So if you're interested, please move quickly so we can secure you a spot in the line up for Christmas 2021.

Can I apply for more than one location?

Yes! Please make sure that you complete an application form for each location you would like to be considered for.

What will the market stall look like?

They will look something like this! But made with our signative plywood for a clean, fresh and modern approach to a typical market stall. We will have 'Curated Makers Market' hanging on each stall, with a board to display the maker's logo too. How you visual merchandise your stall is completely down to you. Any displays or stands must be of a size that you are able to be place it onto the table - not hanging from the frame, or on the floor. This due to health and safety restrictions within John Lewis.



You would be a great fit if you are:

  • A person or organisation with experience in Retail Sales (GNFR)

  • Experienced in any B2B selling

  • Experienced in selling with tender processes

  • An entrepreneurial and ambitious person

  • Passionate about protecting the public and young people

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